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One simple framework

The best of user stories, personas, empathy and journey maps combined into a single narrative of what your users do, think, and feel.


Create a well-crafted narrative for each story in three steps.


Express each phase of a user’s journey with the many roles they play.


Enrich each story with emojis associated with core emotions.

Map the

Create a series of well-crafted stories that chart your user's journey and emotions.
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When I receive a new meeting invite before I've even spoken with a colleague, I reach out and ask about the purpose of the meeting so that I have some context.


Once I understand what my colleague wants to discuss, I'll do some work ahead of time so that we can have a meaningful discussion during the meeting.


When I review the invite details and my schedule, I may need to propose a new time and duration for the meeting so that it fits my schedule.


After I send the updated invite, I want to know as soon as it's accepted, so that I know our meeting is confirmed.


On the day of the meeting, I like to get a reminder 30 mins before the meeting time, so that I can quickly prep for a meaningful conversation.


During the meeting, I write down a list of action items for us to follow up on together after the call so that we don't drop the ball on execution.


As we complete our tasks asynchronously, I tag my colleague in comments so that he'll receive updates on the work completed without needing another meeting.

Once we've accomplished everything we originally set out to do, I like to walk my coworker through the work we've accomplished so we identify any loose ends.


Group into

Each persona represents a group of users that share a common need from your product or service.
Animation of how to write a story by writing the event, intent, and outcome.

Drive the

Copy and paste a link into Slack to preview content to drive meaningful discussions. Also works in Figjam, Miro, Notion, iMessage and more.

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We're building tools to shift product teams from shipping outputs to driving meaningful outcomes by navigating product discovery work in a user-centric way.

Add context to your designs

Grab this Figma template which over 1,700+ designers are using to add the context of the user's story to designs and flows in Figma.

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Organize product tests and research together

Share out what you learn from your research and experiments to inspire confident decision making that goes beyond 'hunches'.

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One framework for the entire user narrative

We've ironed out the overlap across personas, user stories, and journey maps into a simple, extensible framework.

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